Loss of the ribosomal RNA methyltransferase NSUN5 impairs global protein synthesis and normal growth.

Heissenberger, C; Liendl, L; Nagelreiter, F; Gonskikh, Y; Yang, G; Stelzer, EM; Krammer, TL; Micutkova, L; Vogt, S; Kreil, DP; Sekot, G; Siena, E; Poser, I; Harreither, E; Linder, A; Ehret, V; Helbich, TH; Grillari-Voglauer, R; Jansen-Durr, P; Kos, M; Polacek, N; Grillari, J; Schosserer, M.

Nucleic Acids Research. 2019, Volume 47, Issue 22, Pages 11807–11825, Download


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