CAMDA 2023 Conference

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CAMDA runs in collaboration with ISMB, which joins up with ECCB every other year. CAMDA is an established full conference track at ISMB, representing one of its Communities of Special Interests (COSIs). This gives you wide exposure and further opportunities for interaction with colleagues without separate registration fees. You just register with one of multiple options at ISMB, specifying CAMDA as your interest.

CAMDA focuses on one of the grand challenges of our time, the intelligent exploitation of Big Data in the life sciences. In the post-genomic era, an effective scientific interpretation of large datasets is key to new medical and biological insights from novel high throughput assays and the increasing size of biomedical studies. CAMDA puts a spotlight on the successful analysis and integration of the massive data sets now prevalent in the life sciences.

This year, recognizing the recent events, the scientific committee of CAMDA has set the following data analysis contest challenges:

  • The Synthetic Clinical Health Records Challenge provides a rich set of highly realistic Electronic Health Records (EHR) tracing the diagnosis trajectories of diabetic patients, created with dual-adversarial auto-encoders trained on data from 1.2 million real patients in the Population Health Database of the Andalusian Ministry of Health. Predict relevant diabetes endpoints like blindness or cardiopathy from past diagnosis trajectories!
  • The Anti-Microbial Resistance Prediction and Forensics Challenge features both resistance profiles of clinical isolates as well as environmental meta-genomics sequences. Predict resistant bacteria and identify resistance genes to track emerging resistance in urban and non-urban locations!

Leading scientists present their best methods and analyses in talks, complemented by poster sessions. Papersbased on the submitted extended abstracts enter a fast track for publication in the open access, fully indexed conference proceedings at Frontiers in Genetics. Related method papers can enter the ISMB proceedings track of the Bioinformatics journal.

All delegates vote for the best-contributed analysis. The top three presenters are honoured each year, with the first prize being the prestigious CAMDA Trophy award. 

We cordially invite you to attend and contribute to CAMDA, and look forward to seeing you this year – virtually or in person!   (Fellowships available) 


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